Compensation Plan

Want to become an affiliate of the Tecademics Internet Marketing College?

Here are notes from the Matching Millions Tecademics Compensation Plan:

$100 month inner circle / weekly webinars / group/ community

$2000 home study course – internet marketing foundation

sales funnel
copy writing
print on demand

$10,000 tuition quarterly basis – 1 week at a time

good for 2 people – 120 hours worth of in class

live streaming and video classroom

matching millions compensation plan

40% commissions $4000 for $10,000 tuition

company pay card

activation, certification 20% sales on first 2, compensation,

20% goes to sponsor

every 5th sale for each product is 20% and 20% passed up

Domino Plan

Buy the product, pass up first 2 sales, every 5th sale

Affiliate marketing with leverage

2-tier affiliate plan

when you have earned a total of $100,000 – it will instantly double