Tecademics is finally here.

Tecademics launchAs of August 5th, 2016, the Tecademics Internet Marketing College has officially launched.

It was uniquely unveiled by Chris Record and his decorated team at their grand opening event held in Scottsdale, AZ in front of over 1,000+ people live.

The Name. The Vision. The Meaning. It was all revealed.

People were fired up. And it got us fired up too.

Everyone there was in great spirits – the IMC hybrid affiliate marketing with leverage rewards system has been the highlight of their much anticipated release as everyone wonders what is next with newfound excitement.

Expect angles to be covered and questions to be answered. This is just the beginning my virtuoso friends.

What’s Next?

There next event will be held November 11th, 2016; where they will give the ‘lucky’ affiliate member a new orange-coated sports car for earning at least a drawing in their Matching Millions compensation plan (more on this later).

Tecademics strength will be what its product-focused training courses will deliver – something the internet marketing / entrepreneurial community has needed and was long over due to happen.

To date, they have shown exceptional excellence when it comes to understanding how to merge technology with academics. The right way. So consumers can not only learn, but apply, to get results for themselves.

The old saying learn, do, teach is at the pulse of what Tecademic’s product line will be centered upon. They will aim to bring the best of the best together for one big collaboration that should attract the biggest and brightest ‘boss’ in each respective space of learning and earning. This will be tried and true heavily-tested experts who will be leading each specific segment of whats-working-now insight that you get within the Tecademics Internet Marketing College.

It will allow you to knock down the doors to what is possible should you listen and follow along. Decide to get started today:

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There will be multiple ‘business in a box’ branches of professionally designed e-Learning programs for you to follow and absorb knowledge from – it will be top shelf first – class marketers and how they have built their successful online campaigns – no matter what avenue or advertising you choose to be in – Tecademics plans to have a wide variety of instructors and class courses so you can learn from first-hand experience mentors.

It’s safe to say it pays to learn from the movers and shakers of the industry if you have the chance.

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Be sure to reach out to us and connect with our team – we are in this for the long haul, and believe the value in the product will serve exactly what everyone in this coveted space needs; knowledge and leverage.

Welcome to Tecademics, where Technology & Academics emerge.